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Gospel Hall dot Org exists to share information about assemblies of Christians who gather to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, to raise awareness of the gospel message and teaching about Christian living in a New Testament Church..


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2018 Ministry Meetings (coming soon)
January 2018 - Our Relationship to Sin and the Flesh - A. Ussher
January 2018 - Our Relationship to Sin and the Flesh 2 - A. Ussher

2017 Akron Conference
Friday Ministry - Eugene Higgins
Saturday Missionary Report (Guadalajara, Mexico) - Johnny Seed
Saturday Ministry - The Assembly - David Vallance
Saturday Ministry - Origin of the Assembly - Bill Seale
Saturday Ministry - Reception into the Assembly - Frank Sona
Saturday Ministry - Commitment to the Assembly - Eugene Higgins
Saturday Ministry - Importance of the Gospel - Brian Crawford
Saturday Ministry - Isaiah's Awe Inducing Experience - Eugene Higgins
Saturday Gospel - Bill Seale
Saturday Gospel - Eugene Higgins
Saturday Hymn Sing - Eugene Higgins

Sunday Ministry - Labor in The Lord - Frank Sona
Sunday Ministry - Living with The Lord - Johnny Seed
Sunday Ministry - Commands and Principles - David Vallance
Sunday Ministry - The Life I Now Live - Bill Seale
Sunday Ministry - Fear of the Lord - Brian Crawford
Sunday Gospel - Brian Crawford
Sunday Gospel - Frank Sona

2016 Akron Conference - Topical Ministry
 Saturday Ministry - Truth - David Vallance
 Saturday Ministry - The Bible a book above All - AJ Higgins

2015 Akron Conference - Topical Ministry
Saturday Ministry - Call to Service - John Nesbitt
Saturday Ministry - Call to Service - David Petterson
Saturday Ministry - Call to Service - John Dennison

2014 Akron Conference - Topical Ministry
Saturday Ministry - "Stewardship - What is it?' - A J Higgins
Saturday Ministry - "Stewardship - Truth" - David Vallance
Saturday Ministry - "Stewardship - Talent" - Marvin Derksen



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